Welcome to the adventures of a Modern Day Dog Trainer. I’m Michelle, a dog trainer in Oklahoma City. I created this site to share the joys of living with and training dogs. I travel with my dogs, help others train their dogs and know about all of the latest and greatest products for pups.

I have three dogs, including two border collies and a rat terrier. When I’m not teaching classes, traveling or adventuring, I write and blog. My freelance work is often featured in a local magazine (that I just love, btw) called The Dog Dish. I jump at every opportunity to travel and so far this year alone I have been to Cuba, Austria, Germany, Sacramento, Colorado, Texas and Louisiana.  I’ll keep you posted about my adventures, how I travel with my dogs and how I cope when I cannot travel with them.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that you find it both informative and entertaining. Thanks for stopping by!


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