Butt Chews for the Butt Chewer

The Guilty Licker

Let me start by saying… I literally cringed just writing the title of this post. I love dogs, but boy oh boy do they have some disgusting habits! At the top of that list, in my humble opinion, is butt licking. And one of my border collies has taken that particular “pastime” to a whole new level. He doesn’t just lick, he bites and chews on his rear end until it gets swollen and infected, which can happen in as little as 48 hours, faster if he sneaks off to do it knowing I’ll be annoyed if hear that loathsome licking sound. You know the sound… that nasty, soggy lapping noise that just makes your stomach turn… yuck!  And it’s a big problem too because (he licks my face and…) by excessively licking, he often causes his anal glands to swell up, resulting in a painful trip to the veterinarian to get them released. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to explain that procedure to you. If you’ve never had to take your dog in for this, I think your imagination will suffice.)

I was to the point where I had to take the poor guy to the vet every three to four weeks to get him cleared out and to avoid infections, which were still occurring about every three months even with regular vet visits. My last straw was when he had to have an expensive emergency surgery “back there” involving a scalpel and an incision in his bum just to release the blockage. At that point I had tried everything from pumpkin, to a simpler diet including minimal ingredients and fewer treats, and the vet said, “It’s just something some dogs struggle with and there is nothing else you can do.”

Zesty Paws Scoot Away Bites

Well, tell me there is nothing I can do and then watch me find a way! Thank goodness for Amazon! I read reviews for about 20 different products before I discovered Zesty Paws Scoot Away Bites. I was paying at least $20 per month for vet visits (not to mention the $400 surgery) and a $23 container of these lasts for 45 days, so there were immediate cost savings. After using these for less than a week my dog completely stopped licking! I’ve been using them for more than two months now and he no longer licks and, bonus, had consistent poops that make a mamma proud! I check his rear end once a week and he’s not red nor swollen. I couldn’t be happier.



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