Top 3 Most Useless Canine Camping Items

People always brag about the latest and greatest outdoor products for your dogs. But, if you bought everything on the market for your dog you’d end up packing more for them than for yourselves. I’ve been camping with my dogs for years and I’m here to tell you exactly what you don’t need to pack.

1. A Backpack for Your Dog

No matter how big or small your dog is, there is no need for them to carry a backpack. If you’re planning to hike long enough for them to need food and water, you’re better off carrying those things yourself. Backpacks are difficult to center on your dog, make them feel awkward, and can even set them off balance on tricky scrambles. Even bigger backpacks for dogs don’t hold much, so they really don’t remove that much weight from your pack.

2. Ground Stake Tether System

Unless your going somewhere completely void of bushes and trees, this will become a tangled mess about 3 minutes after you finish drilling into the ground and attach your dog. You’re better off keeping your dog with you using a hands-free leash or even packing a travel crate.

3. Plastic Poop Bags

You’re going out into nature, where it’s perfectly natural for your dog to “go”… why add more plastic to our already damaged planet? If your dog poops on the trail, get a stick and carry it well off the path so that no one steps in it. If you feel you must pick it up, use a biodegradable bag instead.


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